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Hotel & Restaurant
Schwarzer Bock ***s


At the time of the mysterious and unusual events in the life of the young Kaspar Hauser in Ansbach in 1833, this inn was already more than 300 years old.

A preserved original inn, dating back to the 15th century and located in the midst of the action between the Residence, former Margravial Chancery and Court Church.
In one room once stayed Prince Rgent Luitpold of Bavaria, another one served as officer´s mess - each room tells its own story and breathes history in contemporary garb.
Wheather it is the Ansbach sausage, the famous "Schäuferla" or a delicious dinner menu, the hosts, who support the Slow Food Philosophy, serve regional specialities from their own home areas Franconia and Palatinate.

Just a few steps away, visit the Margravial Residence and the former St. Gumbertus Court Church with its margravial crypt. Pay a brief visit to the Magravial Museum with its excellent Kasper Hauser Exhibit, then the baroque synagogue and the neo-classical St. Ludwig church. In the summertime, a stroll through the Court Garden in full bloom is a must.

Tourist attractions along the Castle Road

  • 9 km visit our castle in the Rezat valley - Lichtenau Fortress, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Markt Lichtenau with its late-baroque church and the idyllic golf club - host of several German championship tournaments
  • 16 km stroll trough to the medieval town of Wolfram von Eschenbach, the famous poet of Parzival
  • 45 km explore history in Nuremberg Imperial Castle, historic town centre and many museums. Regular train connections every 30 min between Ansbach and Nuremberg Central Train Station. Travel time: about 45 min.



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Package Deal

"Travel like Margraves along the Castle

* one night in a selected room, including
   generous breakfast
* welcome drink of wine growers' Apéro 'secco'
* 4-course menu for dinner
* admission to the Ansbach Margravial Museum
* city parking ticket (24 hours)

price for two persons
in a double room 166,66 Euro

We are especially proud of

  • "Waidmannsheil in the Bock" - local game from   the hunting hostess
  • "Franconia meets the Palatinate" - Palatinate wines and Palatinate stuffed pig’s stomach
  • Original Ansbach bratwurst according to a recipe of 1387 (we are ambassadors of the Ansbach bratwurst in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg)

Sustainable and regionally linked

We serve fresh seasonal dishes: from asparagus to lamb from Franconia, from autumn vegetables and winter cabbage to venison and game specialities from local farmlands and woods. We offer a regional buffet service and purchase most of our fresh products regionally, for example, wild herbs from the Großmann wild herb farm in Oberickelsheim, pumpkin products from the Schnell family in Spalt and wines from the Meier vineyard in Ulsenheim, prized with two Gault Millau grapes.

Shopping & Souvenirs

  • Home-made balsamic vinegar glace (0.2l for 9,50 Euro)
  • Fine brandies from small distilleries around Ansbach (0.2l for 8,50 Euro)


Hotel & Restaurant Schwarzer Bock
Pfarrstraße 31, 91522 Ansbach
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